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And what kind of ghosts are behind?

December 05, 2019
Katharos XIII - Palindrome

Twilight mysterious motifs frame the opening of the Katharos XIII - Palindrome album, bewitching with obscure combinations of styles and trends. It should be noted that the music of this collective was initially ambiguous and varied, because your humble servant was reassured by the saddened narration of the Vidmafemale vocals, but the severe growling on the verge of screaming brought an explosion of stiffness and drive. Musical passages brought shades of jazz into a stern metal musical drive, combining them in an incredibly charming dance.
Music and vocals begins To a Secret Voyage with a combination of saddened thoughts, female vocals elevate the banners of distressed experiences, then the saxophone exalts these thoughts in an instrumental solo. But then growling introduces severe trends into this melodic lace, bringing severity and drive to the musical expanses of this song. But pure female vocals pacifies rigidity and drive, introducing progressive musical breaks and jazz trends into musical thoughtfulness.
Ballad Caloian Voices walks with saddened musical trends, intertwining the sad phrases of female vocals with the crying trends of the saxophone solo. No Sun Swims Thundered continues the unhurried procession, entwining the thoughtful reflections of female vocals with the influences of mystical fairy tales, introducing the brooding atmosphere of fairytale dusk. Twilight haze anticipates the acoustic chime, mysteriously and mysteriously building the grounds for the beginning of the final composition Xavernah Glory of the album, completing the mysterious combination of musical variations with appropriate improvisations of alloys of styles and interweaving of unexpected stylistic decisions.