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March 03, 2019
Mayan - Dhyana

An epic orchestral symphony begins the Mayan - Dhyana (CD 1) album with a fascinating The Rhythm Of Freedom narration, then a screen of vocals pierces symphonic covers, culminating in the dreams of clean vocals.
The symphonic whirlwind intrigues the Tornado Of Thoughts - I Don't Think Therefore I Am - introduction, being carried off in the main motif by a bright interweaving of vocal changes, reflecting both growling and dreamy passages of clean vocals.
Female chorals with opera vocals precede the enchanting symphony of the Saints Don't Die composition, blowing up their true appearance with their twilight covers, dominated by pure male vocals embraced by growling exclamations and epic musical covers.
The title track Dhyana begins with the romantic melodies of the female vocals, enveloping the operatic impulses and charming stylistics in an obscure language.
The epic narration of the Rebirth From Despair composition envelops you with spicy whirlwinds of Eastern trends, creating a charming atmosphere of fairy tales. The Power Process gives the conceptual album the trends of the European symphony, starting with enchanting chorals and continuing with fascinating female vocals.
The Illusory Self main motif interweaves complex fascinating motifs, weaving enchanting musical lace in the interweaving of vocal and musical delights.
Symphonic motifs ends with operatic trills of female vocals, inspired by mezzo-soprano epic Satori phrases. Maya - The Veil Of Delusion - is tightened by the harsh growling phrases overpowered by sparkling ribbons of melodic motifs. Symphonic orchestral motifs, chorals and austere drive intertwine with fierce growling, creating a fusion of styles and genres in the The Flaming Rage Of God composition. An inspired and sublime symphony Set Me Free completes the album with an inspired interweaving of genres and styles.

The interweaving of epic and symphonic motifs that inspired listeners continues in the instrumental interpretation of the Mayan - Dhyana (CD 2) album.