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Ancient tales reminiscent of the hidden threats

June 11, 2021
Grand Cadaver - Madness Comes (EP)

The title composition begins the musical narration of the Grand Cadaver - Madness Comes (EP) release by an assertive drive of the versue, which is the banners of the majestic significance of the harsh solemnity of the gloomy anthem of the mid-tempo viscous chorus.
The fascinating greatness of intro continues with a combination of the Staff of the Oppressor fierce musical apparent in a combination with the manifestation of echoes of epic sags into the unity of the musical lace and the vocal fairy tale.
The buzzing guitar solo joining the roam of invisible festity, anticipating the plexus of music and vocals with frightening streams in the Blood-filled Skies song's sound as a single musical image.
The unity of music and vocal combined the sound of harsh and powerful music, characteristic of the death metal music ends with the final embodiment in the sound of the Fields of the Undying track, finalizing the whole picture of the musical canvas of this album.