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Ancient tales are rising from the shadows in memories

March 30, 2022
Paterikon - Antediluvian

Twisting the intriguing lace of the guitar solo, the Secrets Of The Apkallu composition begins the Paterikon - Antediluvian album with the main vocal narration, creating an atmosphere of mystical mystery. The guitar solo weaves the musical lace of the Vision Of The Memra instrumental composition, fascinating echoes of ancient legends and fairy tales.
The Selah acoustic guitar solo serves as an introduction to the next fragment of the album, which, under the control of the Coming Of The Psychopomp musical composition, creates an atmosphere of wistful thoughtfulness with the instrumental charm of the guitars passages.
And again guitar improvisations and musical discoveries weave together the fascinating musical palette of the Metatron epic saga, slowly and meaningfully marching along the chosen musical path. The Waverider acoustic ballad envelops with soft and gentle guitar chiming - as if referring to distant memories, but then it puffs up the dusky atmosphere of the musical essence with gothic shades.
The intriguing mystery of the Ravensong acoustic guitar solo acts as an introduction to the Drowning Of The Nephilim album's final song, which features a kind of mystery and a musical symphony with oriental motifs in a leisurely brooding way.