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Ancient tales are fragile but indestructible

April 10, 2020
Viscera (GBR) - Obsidian

Slowly developing motifs of romantic echoes of classical music weave a bewitching suite of the Delilah intro, then furious growling vocals calls to the hammer of a powerful drive, then retreating to romantic musical motives and emotional vocal inspiration. A whirlwind of swift guitar solo weaves a bewitching tunnel for a vocal narrative, then Immersed in Ire is marching with a solemn procession of a proud mid-tempo march. But the clean vocals again brings the spirit of romanticism into the sound of the Viscera (GBR) - Obsidian album.
The impressive artistry of the musical passages of the Lamb to the Slaughter introduction ends with a swift drive saddled by vocal fury. A furious drive breaks the chorales, then the alternation of harsh and growling in the Carpe Noctem vocal part is effectively complemented by progressive musical variations that combine many musical ideas.
Vocal anger comes to the forefront of the Affliction musical image, complemented by rhythmic musical pulsations. In the Hammers and Nails majestic symphony, the covers of musical artistry are enveloped in alternating harsh and growling in the vocal part, sometimes intertwined in a duet. The mesmerizing tenderness of the Lilith instrumental symphony captivates the vastness of mystical dreams, anticipating the solemn procession of the majestic anthem of the Obsidian title track, combining the artistic melody of musical lace and vocal rage, calling for a swift drive. Silentium completes the album with the enchanting mysticism of romantic mysteries.