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Ancient symbols take on modern features

December 15, 2020
Lovebites - Electric Pentagram

Rising into a frantic whirlwind of high-speed drive, the Thunder Vengeance wraps around vocal phrases in sparkling ribbons, keeping the sound of the Holy War song with frantic swiftness, complemented by symphonic notes of the completion of musical measures. The Golden Destination continues the Lovebites - Electric Pentagram album's musical narrative, giving the intro guitar solos an epic compositional vibe. The guitar solos of the intro and instrumental parts captivate with mesmerizing melody. Fierce the music with a furious driveomb, the Raise Some Hell song sounds like a musical thriller.
The shimmering sparks of the guitar passages of the Today Is the Day main motive charms and captivates. The When Destinies Align continues and develops the musical motifs of the previous composition, accelerating the sound of the musical narration. Unrolling the musical canvas of epic anthem A Frozen Serenade continues the musical story with the majestic inspiration of a romantic ballad, captivating with an acoustic guitar solo of the instrumental piece. The rhythmic procession of the Dancing With the Devil mid-tempo march confidently and stubbornly walks along the chosen path. The Signs of Deliverance again returns to the fast-paced race of musical haste, complemented by a symphonic atmosphere.
Whipping the musical sound to the fury of a fierce thriller, the Set the World on Fire still retains a melodic charm. The Unbroken begins with a drum roll, then captivates with dreamy reflections of the sound of a bright guitar solo, weaving in a sparkling dance with vocal phrases. The captivating lace of the guitar solo of the intro adds a captivating romance to the Swan Song final composition of the album.