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Ancient legends rise from oblivion, hiding in the shadows of the past

September 27, 2020
Second To Sun - Leviathan

The sound of a bonfire and evening mystery sets the tone for the Eerie intro, but then the music is combined with vocals in a melodic dance. But a furious whirlwind of drive swirls in unrestrained impetuosity until it reaches the ornate lace of the guitar solo of the instrumental bridge. The Marsch der Wolfe continues the musical narration of the Second To Sun - Leviathan album with a rhythmic procession of a mid-tempo march, raising the banners of an epic tale. The Emperor in Hell brings epic vocal narration to the fore, breaking into the meteoric drive of guitar solo and instrumental bridges.
Rolling waves of melodic experiences the I Psychoanalyze My Ghosts brings the vocal narration to the forefront of the musical image, sometimes supplementing the musical background with unclear background tunes. The Shaitan immediately explodes with a frantic drive of musical thriller, bringing in a touch of oriental folklore with music and vocals.
Vague echoes of obscure mystery and distorted phrases end with the The Engraving of Gustave Dore mysterious symphony anticipating an explosion of frantic drive, combining the Leviathan title track's vocal anger and musical fury in a bright dance of frantic drive. Silence, echoes of singing cicadas and evening mysteriousness of the Black Death, Spirits, And Werewolves serves as an introduction to the final composition of the album November, rolling in waves of a dark anthem and anticipating the development of vocal dominance.