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An obscure mystery hides a premonition of misfortune in these waters

January 27, 2020
Reveries End - Edge of Dark Waters

Romantic thoughts, enticed by thoughtful musical covers create a bewitching atmosphere of sad thoughts, the enchanting melody of clean A Thousand Facets vocals is sometimes replaced by a screech of screaming growling. Unwind continues the Reveries End - Edge of Dark Waters album with a pulsating heartbeat of drive and calls for screaming for thought, then the clean vocals are intertwined in a duet with slightly saddened musical passages, then sifting vocal phrases of the screen with a whirlwind of doubt. Sometimes the tunes of the singing lady go to the top of the musical narrative and captivate with the sound of their sensual phrases.
Surrounded by a mysterious mystery of forebodings, the Mute song's musical passages pump up hidden power, raising the vocal tunes of the singing lady to the fore. The acoustic guitar solo of the Descent introduction is mesmerizing with tranquil softness, then the guitar riffs twist a mesmerizing tunnel of doubt and disturbing forebodings, but complete the measures with encouraging notes. The introduction of vocals introduces shades of romantic thoughts, shading the leading vocal part of pure female vocals with a background hype, then the music returns to the motif of the introduction. The final part of the composition is complemented by emotional tunes of screaming.
A buzzing guitar solo appeals to the epic echoes of ancient legends, the introduction of Tomorrow's Fool vocals softens the musical atmosphere in the style of minstrel ballads, combined with musical passages in the mesmerizing charm of epic romanticism. Inspirational tunes of the vocal part elevate the vortexes of the dance of vocal phrases to the front edge of the musical image of the Hamartia composition, weaving them with musical parts in a bewitching waltz and bringing out the sparkling charm of the musical lace of the progressive ballad.
Walking in the twilight march of the solemn anthem, the Scales of Night song combines the sound of the gloomy sadness of the harsh march with the stubborn sound of angry emotions of screaming and the encouraging charm of musical fragments with the nods of the singing lady's clean vocals. Self titled song Reveries End ends the album, starting with a mysterious drum roll of shamanistic ritual of with a thoughtful chime of guitar notes, then complementing this mystery with vocal emotions.