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An increase in quantity leads to a deterioration in quality

August 24, 2020
Skeletal Throne - Human Deterioration

The mysterious mystery of the Intro introduction unfolds the gloom of anticipation, continuing the musical narration of the Skeletal Throne - Human Deterioration album with a dense mid-tempo musical thriller that combines melodic and drive in a musical stream, wrapping around a harsh vocal growling.
The guitar solo builds up the intrigue of the Blood on My Hands intro, anticipating the vocal intro and accelerating the tempo with a rhythmic march. The vocals harden the sound, coming to the fore. Beginning with a harsh and unbridled musical thriller, the Malevolent Throne then brings vocal narration to the fore, transforming the sound into a dark anthem. Whipping up the waves of mid-tempo march Eternal Conspiracy continues the musical narration with harsh significance.
Powerfully and furiously preparing the listener into the introduction Trapped in Hate whirls up a whirlwind of furious drive, enveloping the vocal phrases with the power of musical passages. The Murderous Coronation continues the previous composition, more rhythmically and tightly rolling the cover of the musical drive and vocal phrases.
Intriguing with a dense and tough intro, the Pandemic of Suffering explodes into an unstoppable musical thriller, combining musical and vocal ferocity in a deadly dance. The March of Death continues a similar style, completing the album with the unity of musical drive and vocal significance.