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An experienced ranger will always show the right path

July 07, 2019
Atlas Pain - Tales of a Pathfinder

The herald announces the beginning of The Coldest Year festival, anticipating the development of the musical image of the Atlas Pain - Tales of a Pathfinder album. The Moving EmpireThe impetuous and inspired guitar solo lifts the melody of the musical image to incredible heights, vocals, alternating screaming and growling picks up the enchanting musical banner of the composition.
The musical charm of the Hagakure's Way introduction is replaced by sophisticated vocal reflections, receding in front of the guitar solo of the instrumental bridge and returning to the enchanting music of the intro in chorus.
Developing the musical passages of the previous composition the Ódauðlegur track is transformed into a fast-paced race, enveloping the rampant stream of drive and harsh vocal phrases with sparkling covers of inspiring melody.
Anticipating the development of a musical image of 1 composition with fascinating chorals and solemn playfulness of musical passages, then music proceeds in an inspired march along The Great Run path.
Speaking from the howling winds against the background of the winds, the shaman conducts a ceremony preceding the beginning of the Kia Kaha musical composition intertwining the lace of folklore trends with a harsh metal drive. This composition begins a folklore journey exploring the world and inspiring with the passages of different nations - wandering continues in the open spaces of Russia, telling the legends of the healer and the sorceress, many native inhabitants were terribly afraid of Baba Jaga spells.
The journey continues to the east, where it begins with enchanting tunes in an oasis among the hot sands of a waterless desert. The tents of a fairy tale maker Shahrazad that spreads her tales to sheikhs, emirs, sultans and inspiring pilgrims with a majestic ballad. But wanderings, travels and adventures end in familiar and peaceful Homeland spaces, completing the album with a fascinating inspirational ballad, weaving a fascinating lace of musical delights, sparkling with sparkling musical passages. The final part of the album is The First Sight of a Blind Man subdued piano solo that recalls the keynote passages of the concept album behind the wall.