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An epic saga of indescribable evil

October 12, 2020
Plague Years - Unholy Infestation

Like how the late 1980s and early 1990s saw the evolution of death metal through the massive amounts of death/thrash metal bands, the current trend of old school death metal revival is taking a similar path. New death-thrash fusion bands are emerging left and right under the wings of modern musical solutions, two of the leading acts in the old-school death metal revival.
The title track starts the band's debut album, Plague Years - Unholy Infestation, is full of thrashy grooves and power-chord and chug-driven riffs. It’s pretty much everything you’d expect from a band of this genre, but it sounds tight and heavy. While it maintains the themes of the genre, I can’t honestly say that I’ve heard a better death/thrash metal album than this.
Band's musical compositions are superb when it comes to the Outer Darkness track songwriting, intertwining heavy grooves with musical atmospheres on the Hellborn song and implementing crushing breakdowns as seen on this album. Not to mention the insane breakdown on Aeon Of Serpent that has some really cool-sounding chords as well as an epic solo. Every riff is placed where it should be, and the drums make it as groovy as possible, which is exactly what they should be doing. Of course, blastbeats are always welcome, but the riffs on this album definitely call for groove.
The Taker Of Life guitars and drums on this album are surely top notch for this genre, but when it comes to vocals, that’s where things become shoddy. The Infernal Torment vocals are good, but they’re more of a guttural shout, and I think that this music would sound better with a vocalist that has more punch. Regardless, he still sounds great! The bass on the other hand, is something that is hard to be judged, as it is made almost inaudible by the production and overpowering guitars. It can still be heard, but only if one were to listen very closely.