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An autopsy will show

November 09, 2019
Vastum - Orifical Purge

The mystery of mysterious interjections and background summons to the executioner is preceded by the sound of the Dispossessed in Rapture (First Wound) composition, pulsating with the complement of screaming to the dominant growling.
By hardening the sound and giving, while preserving the essence of the previous composition, a denser musical structure, I on the Knife (Second Wound) then compacts the tempo and vocal, then returns to the essence of the Vastum - Orifical Purge album.
While maintaining rigidity and density, Abscess Inside Us intertwines vocal and instrumental sound in a single gloomy cover, varying the tempo and pitch. Being toughened by musical coverings the Orificial Purge is sometimes carried away by an uncontrolled stream of vocal screaming, then alternating and fusing the vocal variations and interspersing them with musical symphonies. Hard, tight and confident Reveries in Autophagia rolls waves of an irresistible march, rolling vocal variations. His Sapphic Longing finalizes the album with ths kind of variations, giving them special meaning.