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An accessible statement of the will of the people

August 31, 2022
Muse - Will of the People

The title track of the Muse - Will of the People album begins the musical narrative with a crowd proclamation that repeats and accentuates its title over and over again with revolutionary speeches from the main vocals. The music and vocals are transformed into a fusion of uncertainty, doubt and despair, embodying the meaning and significance of the title of the Compliance song fully. But the ascension and pensive reflection and melodic charm of the Liberation solemn anthem dispels doubts and uncertainty, instilling a hopeful mood and musical charm of the enchanting symphony.
While retaining the significance of the vocal lyrics, the vocals complement the emotionality with new shades in addition to the Won't Stand Down gloomy musical march, complemented by dark symphonic background passages. The Ghosts (How Can I Move On) romantic ballad brings the emotional vocals story to the forefront of the musical image, giving a soft chime of gothic keyboard passages, developing the unity of the gothic atmosphere with futuristic electronic pulsations in the sound of the You Make Me Feel Like It's Halloween composition.
The sirens in the intro herald the impending dangers, amplifying the disturbing sensations with the lyrics of the verse, but raising the banners of hope and readiness for trials in the chorus of the Kill Or Be Killed song, then pushing the vocal part of the spiritual prayer to the forefront of the sound of the Verona spiritual composition. The sound of the Euphoria song fully embodies its titles by wrapping vocals experiences in a sparkling whirlwind of musical passages. The rebellious We Are Fucking Fucked proclamation with notes of punk rock in the lyrics ends the album with an unstoppable whirlwind of wild energy.