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Among the knights, the most chosen remained

May 13, 2020
Serenity (AUT) - The Last Knight

The title track begins the Serenity (AUT) - The Last Knight album with a magnificent instrumental symphony, complementing and developing the motives laid down and embodied in it, complementing them with notes of oriental motifs and a vocal part in their sounding in Invictus composition. Speaking the name of the Set the World on Fire composition with its first phrase it carries the epic saga into the procession of an inspired mid-tempo anthem.
Keeper of the Knights continues the mid-tempo procession, enveloping vocal phrases with the charm of melodic musical passages, then accentuating the inspiration of vocal phrases of the Souls and Sins magnificent saga with a guitar solo.
Carrying the inspiration with a bewitching melody of intro, My Kingdom Comes then complements the sound with the pulsating rhythm of a fast drive, then combining the melody of the sound of epic fragments with segments of a fast drive in which clean vocals alternates with growling. Queen of Avalon returns to mid-tempo musical melody, walking along the line between a mid-tempo tale and a restrained drive. The mesmerizing sound of epic vocal narratives shrouded in sparkling musical lace are combined in the enchanting melody of the My Farewell romantic ballad.
Showing the guitar solo of the introduction, the sound of the main motive the Down to Hell track combines its mysterious twilight with the emotional trends of a vocal tale. An acoustic guitar solo embodies the leitmotif of the Wings of Pride song, then developing it into a whirlwind of restrained drive, combined with an epic ballad. The vocal part comes to the forefront of the musical image of Call to Arms song, starting with a thoughtful monologue, then after the choral brothers in arms weaving in a bewitching dance with an epic musical saga. An acoustic rethinking of one of the album’s songs Souls and Sins (Acoustic Version) completes this release with a soft ballad.