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Always strive to achieve the goal

June 03, 2021
Nergard, 2015 -  A Bit Closer to Heaven

Persistently, obstinately and severely the Light and Shadows song pumps musical waves of a stubborn drive, complementing the main vocal of the rebellious phrases with the background essays of growling vocals, sometimes breaking into the rapid pursuit of the bridges. The Fall from Grace composition continues the musical narration of the Nergard - A Bit Closer to Heaven album with a thoughtful ballad, complementing the vocal party charm the singing lady.
Vocals reflections are wangling in the charming dance of the male and female vocal in the lace of artistic inspiration of the On Through the Storm romantic ballad. The Let It Come song pumps up the waves of a discreet drive, slightly accelerate the tempo, but walled guitar riffs with symphonic keyboards and vocal inspiration.
Starting with a romantic inspiration of soft romance, the Help Me Through the Night track in the instrumental part, some shades of the drive retreating in front of romantic heft of a guitar solo that anticipates the inspiration of the final chorus. The I Will Find You gently and leisurely brings the vocal party to the forefront of a leisurely and thoughtful ballad, complementing vocal inspiration with musical support.
The tille track's A Bit Closer to Heaven vocal party combining the male and female vocals in the duet indicates the path of development of the main motive marking the background support for vocal experiences. Female vocals dominates the When All I Want Is You sound of the romantic sensuality of the final song of the album.