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April 18, 2021
Ildaruni -  Beyond Unseen Gateways

The Haldinini Baushini Imsheini Tariani symphony choralas and unity of men's voices and female opens the gates of the Ildaruni - Beyond Unseen Gateways conceptual album, anticipating whirlwind of a frantic drive, supplemented by the echoes of folklore motifs and worshiping the Treading The Path Of Cryptic Wisdom composition of the vocal party by the vortex of militant music passages.
The ringing of swords, the noise of the battle sets the mood of the intro of the Perpetual Vigil composition, which starts the muted vocals meditations, then the marking valiant march in readiness for the battle. The Boundless Numen Gardens Of Ardini song is built by the unrestrained swirl of the irrepressible drill, combining the race of musical jerseys with holding them from excessive rapidness by vocals chants.
Flute's tunes are fond of expanses of medieval musical motifs, but then the Towards Subterranean Realms music is hardened with a harsh drive, topped with flutes, departing under pressure of musical and vocal severity. After the intriguing expectation of the joining the musical passages passes, the Exalted Birth vocals rage expanded by any contraction in its path.
The muffled entry phrases are completed with a flash of a frantic drive, which is the essence of the main motive of the Arakha composition. The Whence Ravenstone Beckons final composition of the album combines the epic atmosphere of musical lace with vocal reflection variability, combining screaming and rogue in the vocal part.