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Always hope for delivery from there

October 18, 2021
Infrared -  Back To The Warehouse (EP)

The soot solo with the dominant role of the bass guitar begins the Meet My Standards composition, the bent waves of stubborn and uncompromising pressure. The drum fraction and thoughtful guitar solo predict the entry of vocals, which appears to a sharp acceleration of the music tempo and develops the musical features of the Infrared - Back To The Warehouse (EP) release. The guitar solo of the instrumental part enchants with thoughtful artistry, then returning to a fierce musical drive of the final part.
The tight drive of the entry ends with a harsh procession of the One Mouth Two Faces mid-tempo march, which combines music and vocals in a single mood and stylistic musical union in a single musical procession.
The drum fraction of intro creates intrigue, after which guitar riffs injected the symbol of the Hate Today, Despise Tomorrow main motive, summing up the musical thaws with the screaming of a guitar chord. The entry of vocals finish the vortex of musical indignation, followed by a medium-tempo tight procession together with vocal anger.
Enchanting with so bright and exciting guitar solo of intro and instrumental part, the Animated Realities song comes in lyrical hopelessness and establishes the terrible orders of development of human society.
Tributes of respect for the legendary band by rethinking their song in the Wrathchild (Iron Maiden cover) composition band puts the final point of this release.