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Alpha suggests beta

December 26, 2018
Psicosfera - Beta

Mysteriously echoing echoes of the X intro begins the mysterious atmosphere of the instrumental Psicosfera - Beta album, then intertwining with mysterious meditations, transforming with significant severe transformations, but again returning to atmospheric reflections.
But keeping the trend of melody, subsequently embodying the leitmotif XI alternates such bright and fascinating streams of fierce drive and melodic artistry, embodying them in a single musical image that it is impossible not to be noted with admiration.
Thoughtful experiences envelop in a gloomy haze, from time to time filled with majestic significance and creating a fascinating image of the XII meaningful anthem. Completion of the composition is transformed by a unique inspiration, preparing for the XIII introduction. Compositions flow one into another, transforming a majestic confidence in the shadow of doubt, complementing the predictions and omens of unclear premonitions. This is followed by a stream of impetuous drive, violently and uncontrollably carried off into the distance, retreating away for romantic thoughts but returning again.
Dark XIV romance envelops in a mist of experiences, enveloping her with thoughtful romance, slowly and viscously enveloping viscous and thoughtful experiences. but from time to time the impetuous streams of drive rush from the abyssal depths of thought, but the music returns to the abyss of gloomy thoughts. XV at first it seems to continue the previous composition, but then it becomes more severe, meaningful and viscous - as if the majestic experiences dismiss doubts and the gloomy romance becomes a gallant anthem.
The album concludes with XVIpensive romance, enveloping the perception of a gloomy haze of experiences and a wise atmosphere that the blade of a furious drive pierces.