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All things have to reborn into another form

April 15, 2018
Apostle Of Solitude - From Gold To Ash

The self-important, meaningful and confident march Overlord begins the Apostle Of Solitude - From Gold To Ash album with an instrumental composition, without distracting the vocal phrases.
The main motive flows around vocal phrases, full of despair, confessing to terrible mistakes and claiming Ruination Be Thy Name. The chorus is full of self-denial, the verse lists the shortcomings and past failures - doubting that there is an opportunity to correct something.
Acoustic instrumental composition Autumn Moon gives inspiration and a breather before the subsequent musical ideas.
The main motive with a slow melodic fog rolls in cautious waves, asserting and justifying that Keeping The Lighthouse is not a whimsical whim, but an indisputable and unconditional need.
Thoughtful, stiff sound slowly unrolls the canvas of the My Heart Is Leaving Here main motive, the vocals complement this melodic triumph with their experiences, confessing in their passions - unchanged forever and ever.
The twilight mist fills the surrounding world with vague melodic ghosts, the vocal dreamily shows restrained meditations, seeking to find the meaning and content of Monochrome (Discontent) space, patiently sorting out all sorts of ways.
Sadly reflections, meditated with a thoughtful melody, slowly enveloping the sparkling whirlwind of the main motive Grey Farewell complete the album, full of patient melodies and reflections on the vanity of being.