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All the saints cry out!

April 09, 2020
Monolith (GBR) - No Saints No Solace

The impulses of medical indicators peak with uneven echoes of the heartbeat, completing the sound of TR-TQ track with a fierce vocal cry, smoothly turning into a painful pulsation of the Funerary composition, continuing the Monolith (GBR) - No Saints No Solace album with gloomy musical musings, supplemented by painful vocal phrases.
Tough and viscous Self Slaughter vocals reflections envelop the cover of bewitching musical variations, introducing incredible improvisations of progressive musical ideas in instrumental bridges, then combining with vocal phrases in an impressive unity. Nightmarcher then brings the epic phrases of the vocal part to the forefront of the musical narrative, a procession inspired by the dark anthem procession, continuing a similar mathematical style after the twilight mystery of the introduction with obscure, wordless cries of invisible victims in the Litost next composition.
Preserving the echoes of ancient rituals Mortal Sin combines a procession of vocal narration with the power and severity of a restrained drive, while maintaining a medium-tempo sound density. Enslave (feat. Alex Teyen) further compacts the severity of the musical narrative, introducing novelty and variety by the participation of the invited vocalist.
The final composition of the album is divided into a trilogy - first Atonement, Pt I. The Carnal Baptism shows the distant echoes of the messages of a wanderer trying to appeal for help in gloomy cataclysms. Then Atonement, Pt II. The Crypt Keeper announces the meeting of the wanderer with the dungeon master, who proclaims his will to him. Then the final point in the trilogy Atonement, Pt III. The Conqueror Worm is the progressive interweaving of epic sagas with their complex musical perception, varying tempo, melody and musical decisions in incredibly unexpected forms.