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June 19, 2020
Modern Nature - Annual

The strange and bewitching sound of the Dawn symphony acts as an introduction to the Modern Nature - Annual album, which, to some extent, appears conceptual, complementing its musical essence with abrupt and short with the Flourish vocals phrases. But how fascinating are the tunes of the saxophone, sometimes intertwining in an enchanting dance and setting the musical essence for a vocal narrative.
The vocal part comes to the forefront of the musical image of Mayday song, sometimes inferior to the instrumental solos of a sublime saxophone. In the sounding of Halo composition, musical passages complement vocal reflections, returning to the charm of the saxophone solo.
The bewitching tunes of the singing lady are intertwined with the perplexity of the guitar riffs of the Harvest romance, entangling in the mysterious perplexity of the bewitching charm. The Ritual acoustic guitar solo with pensive artistry is the introduction of the Wynter that acts as the final composition of the album, a leisurely marching pensive bard saga.