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All of us have to ride on

March 14, 2022
Ceramic Animal - The Horse

Romantic and thoughtful Tino serenade with echoes of wild west romance and spicy winds of hot wasteland starts the musical tale of the Ceramic Animal - The Horse album with charming echoes of memories of wandering cowboys. The Xxxpectation composition combines mysterious obscurity with mysterious playfulness in the atmosphere of a variety show and cabaret, combining it with the twilight atmosphere of a forgotten saloon.
The mesmerizing dance of the introduction envelops further reflections of the vocal part with the atmosphere of sparkling and dreamy musical covers of a romantic fairy tale, combining them in the sound of the Better Off ballad. The Patiently 4 U composition enchants with the musical atmosphere of eternal youth and echoes of the musical style of songs of the 60-70s of the last century.
Weaving a mesmerizing lace of melodic enchantment, the Look For A Lover musical tale enchants him with mysterious foreshadowing, completing the vocal phrases with melodic enchantment of musical passages. The So Familiar soft and gentle ballad envelops the vocals musings in a blanket of melodic tranquility.
Continuing the melodic charm and romantic echoes of former experiences and impressions, the Hit Or Miss bardic tale slightly shortens the tempo and raises the banner of sparkling inspiration together with vocal reverie. The Sweet Lady Missouri ballad brings to the forefront of the musical image reflections of spiritualized vocal proclamations, anticipating the acoustic reflections of The Horse title composition of the album, charming instrumental artistry of the guitar solo with background vocal additions.