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All of us follows the ripper

January 05, 2018
Possessor - The Ripper

A terrible noise grinds into the introduction Conjure And Possess, continuing the beginning of the Possessor - The Ripper album with a raw, dense drive, artlessly and furiously pumping the waves of a musical storm over distorted vocal phrases.
Supplementing the drive with impetuous feeds Guillotine causes nervousness and anxiety of experiences, the sensations of the last moments bring back memories of all life. After swift passages, music becomes changeable, turning from viscous viscous passages, obeying the vocal part, to rapid rushes.
The pulsating march rolls rhythmic waves into the Wet Cemetery introduction, then the severe rage of the guitar riff turns into a painful noisy passages, creating a gloomy mood, that torns apart by nervous vocal phrases.
Corresponding to the title, The Slime creeps into the album's expanses with a thick, slimy mass, filling the whole space around with indignation, exploding with a swift drive in the bridges.
Returning the rebellious spirit of 70's, Whitechapel Murders sweeps the vocal and instruments united in a single musical stream, rushing them in an energetic drive. The composition ends with an energetic guitar solo, which brings melody and power to the drive.
The proud wave of a severe march rolls after the Lava introduction of gravitably waves, ending with sharp rhythmic passages preceded by distorted vocal.
Shamans spend the sacrament Notting Hell, tambourines invoking unknown spirits inaudible spells, completing the ritual with a short phrase.
Furious rapid thrash metal drive sweeps all obstacles out of the way, Hacksaw sounds like summoned by shamans spirits and demons do not leave any obstacle on the chosen path.
The mysterious and diverse music of the Earth Shaker instrumental saga complements the album with a proud stern march, introducing an element of sophisticated melody into the guitar solos, again returning to the pensive and reserved explosions of rhythmic power.