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All of flowers are tending to the sun

July 14, 2022
Angel Olsen - Big Time

The musical canvas of the All The Good Times song rolls out a soft and pensive procession of musical passages for vocals narration, continuing with the inspiration of the charming ballad of the title track the musical fairy tale of the Angel Olsen - Big Time album.
In the unhurried sound of the Dream Thing ballad, the musical composition focuses on the wise vocal reflections of the singing lady, continuing the soft and gentle sound of the spiritualized musical essence and in the unhurried Ghost On musical fairy tale.
Bringing the vocal narrative of female vocals to the forefront of the All The Flowers song fascinates the listener with its sound, continuing a similar style in the sound of the Right Now composition, giving great mystery to the vocal story and developing the spirituality and spiritual essence of the sound of the This Is How It Works song.
The mesmerizing vocals reflections of the Go Home composition complement the notes of the piano, further developing into reflections of the sensual Through The Fires musical suite, in which the music and vocals create a romantic atmosphere that anticipates the banners and inspiration of the sound of the final Chasing The Sun composition.