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All modern looks pathetic - because it synthetic

June 19, 2016
Synthetic - Here Lies The Truth

Guitar chords, marching rhythm, pathetic connection keyboards and guitar complemented by the choral - force us to yell Encore! Synthetic - Here Lies The Truth
Keyboards leading the leitmotif of the Lie, then vocals comes to the fore, supported by guitars. The story goes midtempo in the verses and slow down in chorus Melodic guitar riff runs as the thread through the entire Synthetic but in the verses music flies into a rage, fueled by a vocal fury. But the chorus synthetic materials cease to boil and begin to solidify.
Unexpected samples screwed us in its circulation to start the Hollow (feat. Dirk Verbeuren of "Soilwork"). Then the story goes on the average rate - lyrically and mestatelno as a ballad, but also quite powerful - like thriller.
Sublime guitar motif carries through clouds our Memories. Vocals dreamly tells the stories about the past deeds and last cases. In the chorus, the rhythm changes to a dance. Then in instrumental solos soaring guitars combine their efforts in the divine waltz, lifting up their notes above the stars. And the chorus ends track with the another dance.
The viscous, stringy guitar riff pulls us its tentacles, there's Still Cold around us. So we are willing to listen to the long-awaited ballad! Guitars and keyboards do not drown, but complement and bounding the emotions transmitted and announces by vocals.
Impact march, shimmering guitar riffs and changeable rhythmic pattern begins Kingdom Circus. Harsh vocals adds their colors to this palette, and then transformed into a screaming interspersed by growl.
Walk This Line rides, picking up the pace and volume to a certain level. Then, in a slow medium pace continues the story, harsh vocals complemented by splashes of guitar and chopped rhythm.
Keyboards passages complemented with drumm bursts and melodical guitar riffs opens Forgiveness, further flowing like the nallad that hurry up. Ends song as a ballad, which has nowhere to hurry.
Started by preparations, explodes abruptly in open space of the Withering Shadows. Vocals comes slowly, preparing another spurt, which occurs in the next section. Then this sequence repeats.
From a distance came the howl of the wind, keyboards with their notes bring these impulses closer - incarnating Scream In Your Dreams in quite tangible sounds, images and visions. Ballad slowly and dreamily should continue until mid - when images are gaining flesh of its presentation. Ballad slowly and dreamily should continue until mid - when images are gaining flesh of its presentation. With breaks and rest end appears very dense, but the track ends with the subsides guitar riff. And the album ends.