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All have to be counted

June 09, 2023
Blacktop Kings - Royalty

Keyboard variations and guitar riffs make up the enchanting dance of the main motif of the Some People song, starting the musical procession of the The Blacktop Kings - Royalty album, continuing with a leisurely rhythmic procession of the Lost Your Mind march.
The pensive melodic charm of the No Reflection ballad fascinates with enchanting guitar solos and romantic vocal reflections, somewhat accelerating the tempo and bringing notes of restrained drive to the sound of the Long Long Gone mid-tempo composition.
Acoustic guitar riffs again return to musical charm, bringing to the sound of the Brutal Disguise song a combination of southern rock with hints of blues, enveloping the symphonic grandeur of the keyboard suite in the chorus, more accentuating the symphonic component in the sound of the Art Imitates Life composition, then bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image.
The guitar solo of the intro points the way to the Rock These Bones main motif, then artistically bringing a progressive complication of rhythm to the musical passages and elevating vocal phrases to the crests of musical waves, then accentuating the pulsating pressure with notes of rebellion in the Caves of Ice composition of this musical artwork.
The pensive sound of melodic musical variations is combined in enchanting unity with vocal reflections in the Boomerang ballad, alternating a keyboards suite and a guitars solo in the foreground of the instrumental part, preceding the playful pressure of the Good Morning final composition that concludes the album.