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All empires are experiencing ascension and desolation

February 02, 2023
Bliss Of Flesh - Tyrant

Starting the Bliss Of Flesh - Tyrant album with an exciting whirlwind of musical variations with the charm of melodic shades and rhythmic knocking down bridges with a marching procession of verses, the Serve composition intrigues and captivates to further listening to this musical creation, weaving in the introduction of the Genesis song a twilight lace of musical mystery, enveloping the vocals story, weaving music and vocals in a single musical stream.
The mysterious pensiveness of the introduction anticipates the Vanitas rhythmic procession, driving its step into the musical canvas, then condensing the rhythm and density of the musical step on the eve of the Krieg rapid flight of musical whirlwinds, covered with the charm of melodic veils.
The enchanting Hexis minstrel symphony with acoustic guitar passages and violin melodies anticipates the further development of the album's musical narrative, rolling with the unity of the rhythmic Panem battle march and twilight musical motifs with ghostly echoes of forgotten fairy tales rising in the chorus in unity with the vocal part, setting the musical motifs developed in the musical thriller of the title track of the Tyrant album, preserving the symphonic shades and echoes of twilight fairy tales.
The muted mystery with a mystical atmosphere continues with the progressive brokenness of the rhythm, anticipating the further unity of symphonic charm, furious drive and vocal diversity in the sound of the Mors composition, preceding the end of the album with fascinating chorales and inspired vocals reflections, into which the whirlwinds of the drive of the Naturae final musical artwork of the album make a variety.