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All colors are embodied In black and white

August 17, 2018
Pharaoh Overlord - Zero

Mysterious haze wraps around the beginning of the Revolution gloomy mysteries, then the music rises in the artistic whirlwind, giving the dominant position to the keyboard passages, but the guitars create a very worthy support for cosmic motifs. The vocals complement the musical image with a tired grinding sound, as if making sounds in the agonizing expectation of an imminent death. But then the music seems to rise from the abyss, enveloping everything around with sparkling passages and bright fairy motives, filling the first track of the Pharaoh Overlord - Zero album with progressive epic and bright melodic decisions.
First, a pulsating rhythm comes to the forefront of the music, leaving behind a melodious whisper, sometimes rising in guitar tones over the main musical canvas. In this pensive melody, the waves of a guitar solo are sometimes raised, then the vocals supplement with their severe and deep sound music, which successfully resists the desire to transform it, but the vocal can condense the sound, make it richer and more severe. In the instrumental part Maailmanlopun Ateriana sound returns to the intro manner, vocals can only short-term union of rage and drive in musical impulses, but the composition ends as thoughtfully and artistically, as it began.
Recalling the old video games, the 8-bit motifs of the Meanwhile introduction are weaved in the waves of nostalgic memories of childhood. But electronic impulses degenerate into mysterious trends of unclear predictions, mysteriously and unclearly varying their influences. Then the vocals try to penetrate into the electronic solutions, making their way through the jungle of the source code, trying to leave an indelible trace in the programs.
Blowing in a stream of impetuous drive, the vocal leads the Lalibela Cannot Spell Zero musical parties after their reflections, sweeping the turbulent waves of diverse passages interwoven in the vague lace of progressive ornaments.
As if resting after zeal and rapid pulsations, Satavuotiaiden Salaisuus envelops with the atmosphere of a mysterious ballad juggling progressive musical finds, weaving together the cosmic tales of musical motifs in the enchanting, hilarious melodic mysteries.
The notes of the blues make their way into the final album's track I Drove All Night By My Solar Stomp, turning into pulsating rock "n" roll motifs, shrouded in a sparkling shawl of cosmic tendencies and sparkling trends of musical artistry.