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All around was covered by dusk and fear

February 11, 2021
Brother/Ghost - Buried

The soft symphony Satan begins the sound of the Brother/Ghost - Buried album with majestic melody, then the vocal phrases complement the sound of a gentle ballad, entwined with threads of violin passages. The vocal part is dominated by phrases of female vocals, complemented by background backing of male vocals, intertwining in a mesmerizing duet. The Harpies music embraces the vocal narration in a twilight round dance, enveloping the sad reflections of the male vocals with an obscure haze of musical mystery.
The vocal monologue comes to the fore of the Cripple musical image of a brooding ballad, complementing vocal reflections with background musical echoes. The Causeway vocals immediately enter into a solemn procession of musical calm, all growing in artistic variations, covering the vocal reflections with a lace keyboard symphony.
Enchanting with the impressive guitar solo of the intro, the Freedom song then takes these passages for a leitmotif, returning to them in instrumental bridges again and again. The acoustic chime of guitar strings is combined in the Pendulum romantic mercy of a soft ballad with sophisticated vocal reasoning, full of weariness and sadness. The Blackdog completes the album's musical history with an even softer and softer romantic atmosphere.