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All around turns to a lifeless dust

October 12, 2021
Whyzdom - As Time Turns to Dust

Symphony of the Armour of Dust intro with choralands indicates the stylistic orientation of the Whyzdom - As Time Turns to Dust album, then the singing lady goes to the forefront of the musical image. Then the musical component complements some fierce and rhythm seal in combination with elements of a discreet drive. The Armageddon composition longer prepares for the sound of the vocal party, in which the main female vocals complement the backgrounds.
The sound of the Fly Away song creates an alarming atmosphere, which is pierced by the expectations of future disasters. The Page enchants with the sparkling and shining voice of a singing lady, complemented by majestic musical support.
The Follow Your Heart accelerates the pace of musical sound, giving music shades of rapidness and guitar drive. After the mysterious intro, the Angel of Tearsh composition puts forward vocal jerseys to the forefront of the musical image.
The acceleration of the Free as a Bird music tempo is accompanied by inspired choraces, a somewhat soothing pace when the main vocal entry. The Mistchild slows down the pace of musical narration, enveloping the listener to the fascinating conversion of twilight mystery. The Dust We Are completes the album, remembering the elements of its title and rolling the musical sound of the dark anthem with the waves.