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All around have to be changed! We can do that!

April 17, 2017
Warbiff - Pig's Parliament

Can you do something, if Warbiff - Pig's Parliament makes all of the laws and rules?!
Fighting shots, guns - different weapons - but above this battle the orchestra hovers, carrying us into the riddle of the Declaiming War ... Blessed for What - later drive enslaves our mind with its bursts and rushes! Argh, kill-crush and destroy!
Power, rage and energy descends, rushes immediately and without any delay into the Eternal Violence! Murder, death, kill - we have to do that in vocals styles unites! Great sound, as for me!
Fury in the intro accumulates energy, fetches the subsequent rushes in a single impulse - this is the title track Pigs Parliament. But - the blows, the jerks, the runs, the nerves, the drive carries away in single impulse! Hard, tough - unites more than one vocal styles and musical decisions in the single stream! That's great!
Drive of the Face Your Enemies takes us far away from the ordinary trounles as well!
Complex, refined, oriental and original motifs are combined into an introduction of the La Bestia, later thrashing in the rhythm juggling all of the shores!
Fast, powerful and furiously The Power Of Thrash Compells You continues the previous composition - power overcomes complex, tricky delights! Rage and drive!
Startling viscously and thoughtfully, War in The Name of God prepares subsequent angry and powerful blows aiming, concentrating the subsequent changes in tempo.
Variable perception, consciousness is replaced by a fog of doubt - but there is no choice: Thrash or be Thrashed always! Combined with the power of the mind, always and everywhere, but - a choice needs to be done!
Guitar fingering Intro gently and calmy prepares for the next rush of the Freddies Coming For You, diving in the furious flash of harh and tough stream, changing with the balanced respites with the thougtfull speaches, combining more then one vocal styles.
Power, a thoughtful and meaningful march creates a concentrated rage in the Welcome To The Warbiff introduction , breaking into the impetuous flow of insane drive.
Quickly, thoughtlessly without the slightest attention to the surrounding adversities, Searching For Light immerses us in the abyss of passionate fury. Bridges and the chorus brings the pensive respites, just for a bit - further rage and outraged blows!
Hard, irreconcilable drive collects all together, demanding the expulsion of Die Son Of A Bitch, then at the beginning of the instrumental party deliberating and concentrating their thoughts - then breaking into an unrestrained demand! Startings with the bass solo, Mercenaries keeps the end of the entire alnum with the furious drive! Argh - let's kicking few asess as well!