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Alive must honor the dead

October 18, 2016
Ancient - Back To The Land Of The Dead (Deluxe Edition)

To create a new and previously unknown have to know all the old: what has already outlived its time - Ancient - Back To The Land Of The Dead (Deluxe Edition) again and again!
An exciting saga, do not let the attention to break free from its tenacious fetters brings all of us to the Land of the Dead. Narrator and its surrounding were born in these lands.
The story accelerates Beyond the Blood Moon, flowing as the melodic frozen river that warming the surrounding landscape with its beauty and enveloping it with its motives.
Measured and clearly sets out the story of The Sempiternal Haze, slowly and surely the main motif permeates the surrounding space, enveloped guitar passages vocal blade is hardened in the cold immutable perception. Then comes a brief respite, and the music fades in support of the mysterious gentle whisper. Then everything returns to complete the composition.
Persistently and powerfully begins the legend of The Empyrean Sword. Powerful and persistently continues its presentation, at times pausing for emotional whisper reinforcing the impression and significance.
Acoustic guitar fingering starts The Ancient Disarray with ins gentle sounds, then the music complements their sound and fury sounding riffs, thickening the atmosphere around with the mighty rhythmic blows.
Occlude the Gates owerhelms with anger and rage, sound breaks into crazy breakaway speed, overflowing sounding with mad guitar bursts. Then, in the middle of the track the main motive subjugates musical frenzy for a short break, but then the anger and wrath returns its influence.
Quickly, rapidly and serenely begins The Excruciating Journey Part I: Defiance and Rage then sound exaggerates and condenses its shades. emotional whispers, guitar fingering passes into The Excruciating Journey Part II: The Prodigal Years to continue into the The Excruciating Journey Part III: The Awakening melodically combines painful awakening with catchy memorable spectacular motive.
Acoustic guitar fingering begins Death Will Die, feasting and compacting their sound perelivchastymi guitar passages, but preserving its charm. Then guitars exceeds the gentle confusing with power and pressure, allowing only return for respite untill tha end.
The Spiral winds around, swirling like vortices in the cycle of guitar passages.
Starting with calm and quiet guitar fingering Petrified by Their End still powerful and intense ballad, then repeatedly altering the rhythm, juggling and changing it over and over again.
13 Candles (Bathory cover) reveals a new interpretation of the composition, crowning album of memories of ancient legends.