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Age can gain experience

July 03, 2023
Kvad - So Old

After the twilight mystery of the introduction, the title track begins the musical story of the Kvad - So Old album with the unity of buzzing guitar riffs and vocal significance, dragging you into the expanses of northern fairy tales and forgotten legends, continuing this journey with the rolls of the harsh drive of the I Long For The Fires composition, entwined with sparks of vocals phrases.
Sharply accelerating the musical tempo to a rapid race and creating angry ascensions of vocals in the intro of the This Was Death song hardens the sound, but then pacifies it with epic reflections of vocals, entwined with veils of melodic mystery and echoes of the horns of invisible highlanders, but again exploding with whirlwinds of unrestrained drive, then repeating this alternation again.
After the twilight mystery of the introduction, the music and vocals complement each other's sound in the significant and majestic sound of the Amidst Thunder & Demonic Ecstacy solemn anthem, then accelerating the tempo while maintaining greatness and unity, The Forest Draped Black composition enters the saddened tread of a sad ballad, but then extracts sharpened rushes and axes from the sheath and rushes towards enemies and trials in anger.
Immediately exploding with a wave of drive, denoting the main motive, crowned with vocals appeals, the In Servitude Of A Dying Flame song confidently moves along the chosen musical path, whirling with a whirlwind of mystical expectations in the Void Ritual prayers and ceremonies preceding the rapid whirlwind of the Ashes Of A Life composition that completes the album, artistically varying the tempo and style of sound.