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Adventures in the exploration of new lands

February 23, 2023
Astringency - Of Vacant Planes

A swift whirlwind of unrestrained drive rises with unrestrained drives in the intro of the Astringency - Of Vacant Planes album, then combining in the symphonic dance of the A Mother's Touch song with inspired phrases of the vocal part, then pacifying the swiftness of the tempo with the progressive artistry of musical variations, drawing in an exciting journey through the echoes of adventure following the Sojourner vocal story of the storyteller, who dominates the musical image with the support of vocal and musical associates.
The twilight musical mystery of the Impetus Vitalis intro envelops the assertive rhythmic motif with the veils of ghostly twilight of obscure conjectures that continue their musical path in the sound of the Recrudescence composition, combining the rhythmicity of the action of the battle march with vocals inspiration, convincing of readiness for any adventures and trials.
Epic melodies of pure vocals attract to the expanses of legends and fairy tales, combining these echoes and shades with the pressure of musical drive and variations of vocal severity in the sound of the A Glorious Death composition, developing these musical components in combination with vocals pressure in the rhythmic procession of the Vagabond combat march, complementing the vocal narrative with artistic improvisation of the guitars solo, anticipating the impatient and hurried swiftness of vocals unrestrainedness with the rush of the musical drive of the Apostate's Vendetta composition.
The acoustic guitar solo of the Absence intro weaves a sparkling lace of musical charm that precedes the enchanting sound of the Farewell's Odyssey bard's tale, complementing the dominant growling vocals with inspired wailing vocals in an epic tale. The harsh solemnity of musical variations combines the harsh power of a musical thriller with the echoes of medieval fairy tales in the fascinating unity of the Steps to My Infinity composition, complemented by an epic musical canvas of the Abdicate musical fairy tale, which completes the album with a confident and unhurried procession of vocals phrases and musical passages.