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Adhering to metal laws to the last man standing

September 04, 2022
Roxor - Zeleznej kral

Spinning the flywheels of the mechanism after the grinding of the gears of the introduction, the title track of the Roxor - Zeleznej kral album continues the musical unity of restrained drive and vocal inspiration with a sparkling musical stream, continuing with a rhythmic mid-tempo Starej pes march, emphasizing the significance of memories, the tests passed and the experience gained with vocal lyrics, continuing the lyrical significance after the romantic introduction of the Vlci composition, combining restrained drive and ballad romance.
After condensing the sound, complemented by shades of wandering and adventure, the Ke hvezdam song crowns this musical stream with vocals memories. Setting the main motif with guitar riffs already in the introduction, the music confidently and persistently marches along this path, again and again emphasizing the Nesmi se stat phrase in the chorus, after which the Ve vzpominkach musical composition combines the romantic vocals reflections of the verses and the rapid unrestrained rushes of the musical drive in the instrumental bridges, combining this stylistic diversity in musical unity in the choruses.
Combining a battle march with an inspired vocals mood, the Zlodejka dusi epic saga maintains intransigence and inability to break with its lyrics, after which the Ztracena mid-tempo march confidently and meaningfully drives its step into the chosen musical path, enchanting with vocals charisma. The introduction prepares for the exciting unity of music and vocals in the fascinating sound of the Poselstvi bohu song and the sparkling celebration of the music festival of the Cert te vem final composition.