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Actors! Another double, it is necessary to realize the director's plan

May 24, 2017
Eisregen - Fleischfilm

The album Eisregen - Fleischfilm narrates about the unique, inimitable and original Italian cinema of the 70s-80s of the last century.
The main motive of Drei Mutter have carried by the coat of arms on the banner of the melodic and exciting composition, confidently and solemnly carrying the vocal phrases through the haze of melodious keyboard and guitar parts.
Mysterious, vague motifs of medieval magical rituals of the Hauch des Todes, muffled sensual harsh vocals broadcast them in his tales, reviving ancient spell scrolls to modern realm.
Rhythmically pulsating like heartbeat in the intro, Jenseits der Dunkelheit takes the keyboards to the fore, enveloping by the atmosphere of so charming and exciting romance!
Calm, restrained and charming ballad Die letzte Reise des Alan Yates (Metamorphose 2) appeals to memories, gently enveloping with the blanket of so melodious passages.
Auf den Spuren der Sage combines so majestic, significant and fascinating story, with notes of drive and confident steps of bright flashes of vocal phrases.
Legends of medieval bards Tiefrot arises from the ashes of ancient tales, summoning the iridescent images of immortal spirits, uniting them into the single entity of charming music saga. Medieval bard tale Nahe der Friedhofsmauer gently and discreetly begins, with restrained whisper of screaming vocals capturing in inspiration dance under the old songs of ancient ancestors of the choruses.
Delight of leitmotiff comes to the fore with the keynoards passages, raising Menschenfresser to the dreamy space of cloud castles.
An energetic and confident march Syndikat des Schreckens captures, demanding to follow for its pulsating and sparkling procession.
An alarming, mysterious intriguing chime of bells transforms into dark fog of the melancholic ballad Im Blutrausch, enchanting with the charms of obscure of its scattered romance.
The gloomy fog of thecalm, balanced Satan der Rache fairy tale enveloping in gloomy, viscous motifs, from which the motifs of flutes and horns rise with bright flashes, decorating their sparks with the fascinating musical image of this anxious ballad.
Nachts kommt das Delirium (Bonus Track) finishes the collection of fairy tales about the wild and original cinema, covering with clouds of changeable fog, various musical decisions and vocal changes.