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Acid dissolves everything

May 28, 2020
Megalith Levitation - Acid Doom Rites

The painful musings of the Spirit Elixir Drunkard musical passages weave an incredibly viscous lace of musical musings varying the dusk of musical musings and delaying the complement with vocal phrases. But the vocals from time to time supplement the narrative of the epic saga of the Megalith Levitation - Acid Doom Rites album with their own notes, bringing an even more thoughtful burden to the sound of the musical image.
The Russian-language phrase of the narrative anticipates the introduction of the Eternal Trip / The 4-Th Plateau composition, leisurely spinning the flywheel of the musical narrative, adhering to the viscous burden of musical musings, not lacking, however, the epic echoes of forgotten fairy tales.
The obscure appeals of invisible spirits begin the Acid Doom Rites title track of the album with mysterious chorales, then marching through the gloomy mystery of a dark march preserving melody despite the background obscurity of invisible spirits enveloping the musical image with ghostly choruses.
Pulsating musical passages with vague background vocal appeals are intertwined in the mysterious lace of the album's final composition Smouldering Embers / Pyromagic, alternating in its foreground a guitar solo and emotional vocal appeals.