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Abysses sometimes so varied and diverse

May 19, 2019
Totengott - The Abyss

Beginning with romantic motifs, the pensive sacrament of the Ceremony I, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi composition anticipates the further development of the album. Vague mysterious melodies merge in the enchanting twilight of mystical mysteries. The vocals are manifested in the final part of the composition, manifesting a certain shade of the essence of the Totengott - The Abyss concept album.
However, the Ceremony II, The Way of Sin composition broadens the stylistic framework of the album - furious thrash metal entwines with the gloomy swirls of the dark essence, creating an irresistible union of several genres and musical styles. The instrumental guitar solos show the dreaminess of progressive rock - that's deserves special thanks, as for me!
Further, the musical atmosphere exacerbates the narration, enveloping the The Spell vocals veins with mystical whirlwinds that fascinate with mystery. Vocals harden from harsh to growling, transforming the stylistic trends of the album to the doom death metal sound style.
The narration of the last composition of the album Doppelganger II, The Abyss as if opens the gates to a separate project - here mystical trends are poured and laces of various musical styles are woven, complementing the album with an even greater variety of sounds and an atmosphere of fabulous trends. Musical variations are transformed over and over again and fascinate the listener, intriguing by the further development of musical narration.