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Able to wake anyone, dispelling darkness

November 15, 2018
The Dark Red Seed - Becomes Awake

Dukkha begins The Dark Red Seed - Becomes Awake album in a marvelous and fascinating way weaving oriental folklore motifs with a calm and thoughtful sound of southern rock.
Continuing the mentioned style of sounding Darker Days more emphasizes the main motive, leading to the open spaces of country music, shrouding it with play of the violin part. In the instrumental part, the guitar solo complements the echoes of the charming flute on the background that gives Latin American tones to the sound, completing the composition set the style of the Alap intro, developing these motifs into a brooding and hazy instrumental suite.
An obscure, gloomy romanticism envelops you with background chorales, then vocals come to the forefront of the Ancient Sunrise song, enveloped in such majestic orchestral instrumental passages, weaving a spellbound cocoon around vocal phrases. The Mouth Of God adds Medieval European motifs to the album with epic influences of folklore diversity.
Pacifying guitar fingering passages are woven into a leisurely and thoughtful The Destroyer romance, continuing with instrumental The Void composition with a pulsating rhythm and basic motifs that the trumpet orchestra sets.
The Awakening vocal part is in the twilight of doubt and uncertainly displays its part in the mysterious haze of musical accompaniment.
Slowly and thoughtfully entering and developing the Sukhacomposition envelops with incredible calmness, only slightly condensing the sound in the instrumental part and bringing the vocal part to the top of the sound with the support of singing female chorals.
Concluding album Diana And Ouroboros Dance concentrates the vocal part in the sphere of traditional southern rock, but rather impressively wrapping it with ribbons of orchestral and instrumental shades.