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Abiding in untimely exile

March 07, 2022
Once Human - Erasure (EP)

The title track begins the Once Human - Erasure (EP) album with a bright whirlwind of melodic charm, enveloping the vocal phrases with sparkling musical covers. There are echoes of symphonic influence in the musical lace, accompanied by epic motifs with notes of medieval fairy tales. The vocal part alternates and combines clean vocals, screaming and growling in a single stream of varied vocals performance.
In the sound of the Cold Arrival song one can feel the penetration of echoes of ancient sagas, intertwined with modern musical accents and perception in a single canvas of musical essence, fascinating unity of epochs and styles of musical narrative.
Bardic sagas are combined in the Only In Death musical canvas with rolling waves of restrained drive, sometimes raising dreamy tunes of clean vocals to sparkling crests, varying and enchanting with artistic musical transformations.
A breathtaking progressive musical variety on the Deadlock (feat. Robb Flynn) composition featuring a famous guest musician rounds out the album with his most diverse musical artwork of this release.