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A vague whisper from the depths gives a certain mystery

November 20, 2019
Psychophobia (SWE) - Whispers From The Underground

Vigorously and assertively, The One Inflicted begins the Psychophobia (SWE) - Whispers From The Underground album, charming with a bewitching melody of the chorus after an assertive intriguing verse's driving rush. Forcing the waves of restrained drive, the Lilies & Roses music brings some trends of jerky romance. Then these romantic shades complement the dreamy tunes of clean vocals.
A medium-tempo Aeon musical story rolls with an assertive rush in a verses, enveloping in chorus with thoughtfulness and doubts. But Watch Me Burn hardens the sound and tightens the structure of the rhythmic component, however remaining on the verge of an average tempo, stepping over it with the introduction of vocals growling. But clean vocals return to a meaningful anthem and mid-tempo chorus sound.
The hit motif captivates to listen to the Paralysed majestic anthem, the vocals changes from a severe growling in a verse to an revealing clean in the bridge and the chorus. Taking off with the fast-moving riff of introduction, Exploding Head Syndrome then compresses the musical narration to a mid-tempo fairy tale, introducing some elements of recitative by growling. But the enchanting melody of the chorus develops in the mesmerizing romance of the introduction, but then the Chaos Of My Mind music transforms into waves of restrained drive. The mesmerizing charm completes the development in the romantic tunes of the Razorshaped Letter majestic ballad, enchanting with incredible melody.
But the romance ends with the Kingdom Gore song's music rapid rush of an unstoppable drive, rolling in a furious sound. Nihilist's Downfall completes the album, adding introductory shades to the sound of the album with intro and musical variations.