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A typo can mean everything

September 22, 2020
Spellbook - Magick & Mischief

The swift whirlwind of guitar passages lends rebellious self-will to the sound of the Wands to the Sky composition, crowning these freedom-loving moods with vocal phrases that inspire change and readiness for any surprises. The tough and viscous guitar solo of the introduction continues the music of the Spellbook - Magick & Mischief album with a mystical mystery, wrapping around the vocal phrases with guitar passages and crowning the Black Shadow musical narration with keyboard parts.
Beginning with dense reveri of the bass guitar solo the Ominous Skies song combines in its sound the density of the twilight mysticism of a dark anthem with rebellious moods of vocal phrases. The vague mood of saddened pensiveness begins the sound of the Not Long for This World song with a romantic mystery, then, while maintaining a mid-tempo mood, again and again transforms the sound of a musical composition with various variations of the musical and vocal components.
Spiraling the main motive with the guitar solo of the Motorcade intro then wraps around the vocal phrases in a swirl of guitar passages, pulsing in the direction of the main motive with the bass guitar's part. The guitar solo sets a romantic mood, anticipating vocal emotions in the sensual narration of the Amulet: Fare Thee Well song, which brings a whirlwind of sensual experiences to the album's sound. Setting the piano solo with a romantic intro Dead Detectives gives the final part of the album a brooding lounge vibe. But then the guitar passages whip up waves of restrained drive, crowning their musical stream with the sparkling rebellious sound of a guitar solo. But the sound after significant chants again returns to the thoughtful lounge.