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A tale of combats and battles of fire and ice

August 07, 2020
Ice War - Defender, Destroyer

The guitar solo of the Power from Within intro wraps itself in a sparkling veil of epic inspiration, anticipating the vocal intro with alarming persistence, then taking off on the wings of a meteoric drive, lifting vocal inspiration skyward. The title track continues the Ice War - Defender, Destroyer album with an incredibly swift stream of unrestrained musical drive.
After an intriguing anticipation, the bass guitar solo anticipates the development of the Soldiers of Frost main motive. But, breaking all orders, the Rising from the Tomb is running away in a race of frantic impetuosity, twisting bass guitar solo with notes of bass lines and vocals inspiration in a frantic rush. Restraining musical impetuosity, the Mountains of Skulls elevates the vocal part to the top of the rhythmic pulsations of the mid-tempo march. Continuing and accentuating the mid-tempo rhythm in intro, the Crucified in Fire sharply accelerates the stream of music with the vocals intro, chasing unknown temptations.
Anticipating the breaks in the intro, the Demonoid further frenzy of furious drive wraps around the vocals in sparkling tapes of guitar solo. Accentuating the sound of the main motive with the guitar solo already in the introduction, the Skull and Crossbones then hardens the sound of the vocal part, giving it more harsh shades of emotional sound. Vocal phrases crown the sparkling race of the Running out of Time fast-paced musical extravaganza. Seting for an unexpected epic intro saga, the Breakaway then blends that musical note with fast-paced drive to end the album with unbridled inspiration.