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A storm in a furious stream destroys everything in its path

January 23, 2020
Blackguard - Storm

The gloomy haze intrigues with the intro, then the By My Hand (Feat. Morgan Lander) saga of the heroic epic with wordless chorales precedes the development of its melody in the canvas of the main motive of the composition, marching with a harsh medium-tempo drive, alternating with fast-moving fragments, preserving the echoes of the heroic epic in the background. An arrow of bright guitar solo pierces the symphonic forebodings of obscure alarms interwoven with background chorales at the end of intro, then To Ashes Return continues the Blackguard - Stormalbum by uniting a swift drive of the front edge of the musical image with enchanting echoes of symphonic influences.
Partly in tune with the title track Northern Storm begins with a leisurely march, then supplementing its sound with more dense and majestic appeals and complementing the rhythmic component of the valiant anthem with fast drumming with the introduction of vocals, alternating and combining screaming and growling in the vocal part. The Hunted immediately chases in a rapid stream of unbridled drive, raising the screaming to a dominant position in the vocal part, occasionally supplementing it with notes of growling. Creating in the introduction the mystical thoughtfulness of an obscure tale In Dreams in a verses chases in a swift drive, fanned by sparks of symphonic trends, slowing down the pace in an episode in choruses. The inspired mid-tempo march Mourning Star raises the banners of the valiant anthem, combining screaming and growling in the vocal part, enveloping musical passages with shades of symphonic charm and echoes of background chorales.
Keyboard solo weaves enchanting Clouds intro's lace ahead of of the raising the banners of the majestic anthem and epic saga, the A Dying Season (Feat. Lindsay Schoolcraft) composition captivates with its sound, introducing spicy influences of female vocals, shrouded in sultry echoes of melody with echoes of ancient tales. The sound of this song shows the influence of folklore epics and heroic legends. The album’s final compositions are intertwined, starting with the Visions (Of Blood And Gold) as furious rush of rapid drive alternating screaming and growling vocals, highlighting these changes with the corresponding musical shades, ending with the ...Of Threads And Fate (Feat. Per Nilsson) first as continuation of the rapid drive of the previous track but complementing them with the melody and significance of the inspired hymn in which screaming and growling are intertwined with the vocals enveloping the completion of the album with impressive charm.