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A new desire born of the storm

March 24, 2022
Mortemia - Misere Mortem

The One I Once Was composition begins with spiritualized symphonic chorales, recreating the basic musical essence of the Mortemia - Misere Mortem album, then introducing a certain demonic exasperation with the vocals growling. In The Pain Infernal And The Fall song, the chorales and intro music create the mystery of further development, then weave with their proclamations the enchanting symphonic lace of further musical narrative, foreshadowing the introduction of harsh musical growling and the unification of drive and epic motifs in the sound of The Eye Of The Storm musical tale.
After a swing in the symphonic intro, the vocal narrative comes to the forefront of The Malice Of Life's Cruel Way epic saga, alternating its primacy with symphonic musical passages of inspired chorales. The Wheel Of Fire swirls guitar drive into the rhythmic progression of the main motif, then topped off with stern and militant vocal declarations, voicing various shades of growling complemented by majestic chorales. A guitar solo intro sets the tone for The Chains That Weild My Mind main motif, then wrapped in sparkling musical passages and topped with the significance of the vocal narrative.
After a thrilling introduction with guitar notes, The New Desire composition gives control to the vocal part in the combination of screaming and growling, leading the solemn banners of symphonic chorales to the compositional palette. The impatient swiftness and mysteriousness of the musical atmosphere of The Vile Bringer Of Self-Destructive Thoughts musical tale combines epic atmosphere with progressive musical solutions in a mesmerizing sound. The Candle At The Tunnel's End musical composition closes the musical story of the album with the progressive unity of medieval fairy tales, futuristic sound and variety of musical tones.