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A mysterious prophecy is boiling in flames

March 10, 2022
Kuolemanlaakso, 2022 -  Kuusumu

Softly and unhurriedly the pensive musical symphony begins with the majestic mystery of the keyboard variations, enchanting with the pensive nature of the Pimeys laski musical introduction. But then the sound of musical gloom precedes the introduction of the vocals, giving the musical narration notes and echoes of twilight mystery. The Katkeruuden malja composition develops the musical motives of the previous one, giving more importance to the vocal part, varying its variations and supplementing the continuation of the Kuolemanlaakso - Kuusumu album with fascinating charm of the female vocals.
The muffled mystery of the Surusta meri suolainen musical covers envelops the mysterious vocal phrases, as if a shaman were conducting mysterious ritual chants and drawing you into the expanse of magical mysteries and mystical revelations. Then the vocal transforms from mysterious invocations of pure vocals into an impressive screeching of demonic screeching, then returns to the ritual chants of the shaman supplemented by the female vocals of his apprentice and assistant. At first hardened by gloomy waves of harsh drive, then the Kuohuista tulisten koskien composition brings to the musical sound of the album echoes of northern folklore motifs and mesmerizing echoes of long-forgotten blizzards and storms.
The thoughtful reflections of the vocals in memories and conjectures of past events rolls out the musical canvas of the introduction, creating the basis for rolling out the Surun sinfonia musical canvas. then artistically and mesmerizingly varying the musical and vocal stylings. Dancing in an accelerated musical impatience the Pedon vaisto song develops the northern folk motifs, varying the tempo and musical sound together with the vocal transformations in a bright and exciting compositional variety, foreshadowing the conclusion of the album with the significant and severe Tulessakavelija mid-tempo battle march topped with artistic keyboard motifs.