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A gloomy fairy tale draws you into the vastness of mysterious rituals

November 02, 2022
Monasterium (POL) - Monasterium

The gloomy musical atmosphere envelops the painful vocals pleas revealing the musical gates of the Monasterium (POL) - Monasterium album of the saddened Christening In Blood gloomy symphony, continuing the procession of the musical procession with a stubborn heartbeat of A Hundredfold Cursed composition, the vocal phrases of which embody indescribable despair.
The unhurried and balanced musical creation of the introduction carefully prepares for the perception of the greatness of The Pharisee's Tongue dark sermon.
Echoes of distant combat marches anticipate the advancement of vocal lyrics to the foreground of the musical image of the In The Shrine Of The Jackal God composition, complementing the vocal part with guitar solos with echoes of oriental motifs.
The rhythmic step of the musical drive returns to the combative roll in the sound of the introduction of the In Hoc Signo Vinces song, but then the vocals raise a cup of twilight doubts and reflections, transforming the musical style with shades of a dark anthem. The guitar solo of the instrumental part sounds especially charming.
The guitar solo of the intro of the Moloch's Uprising composition spins the flywheel of its main motif, which at first recedes before vocals reflections, but is intertwined with vocal phrases in a single dance anticipating the rhythmic step of the Into The Mountain Of Power battle march, completing the musical narrative of this album.