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A cult that preaches the worship of the mind power

September 19, 2020
Dorothy Polonium - Psychoccult

Mystical echoes and enigmatic instrumental passages of The Sundering Dawn track act as an introduction to the frantic drive of the Serpentine song, complementing the emotional phrases of demonic female screaming with a deadly whirlwind of musical rage. But then in the bridges and choruses, the clear vocals of the singing lady lend melodic charm to the sound of the Dorothy Polonium - Psychoccult album.
The mid-tempo procession of the Prayer dark march with the background rattle of female screaming is complemented by a romantic symphony with clean female vocals. The melodic passages of the Murder of Crows romantic ballad are combined with the sensual experiences of clean female vocals, whirling in choruses in a whirlwind of uncontrollable emotions. The Haunting continues the ballad sound, softening the musical narration to a mysterious mystery, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, complementing them with the rhythmic power of instrumental bridges, complemented by a male growling.
Keeping the unhurried flow of the musical part at the level of ballad melodism, the Slave song combines brooding clean vocals and furious screaming in the vocals. In the sound of the Red Mercury composition, the echoes of a soft lounge echo with a progressive rhythmic fracture. But the vocals sometimes appeal to the fierceness of the rhythmic drive, crowned with the enchanting melody of guitar riffs. Expanding the stylistic framework of the album, Seance complements it with an intro in the style of hard blues, which then echoes the enchanting mystery of the vocal part. But sometimes the music retreats, giving all the musical space to the vocal monologue.
The Ripper track continues the album with a progressive rhythmic break of the mid-tempo march, the introduction of vocals gives the sound of the composition a ballad charm, combined with musical passages in variations of the twilight anthem. Beginning with pacifying thoughts, The Wedding weaves clean male and female vocals in a romantic duet, then the music sometimes hardens with furious female screaming, sometimes accelerating to a rapid drive, then again returns to the unhurried procession of a soft ballad. It should be noted that the album ends with an incredibly multifaceted and versatile composition!