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A creepy tale of an unimaginable monster

March 12, 2022
Wolfmen Of Mars - Spare Beings: Oddities And Lost Mutations

Epic Sirens saga with echoes of medieval legends and fairy tales envelops with mysterious charm of mystic echoes and mysteries, starting musical narration of the Wolfmen Of Mars - Spare Beings: Oddities And Lost Mutations instrumental album with unity of artistic melodism and symphonic grandeur of musical essence, continuing in sounding of A Complicated Monster composition with notes of anxiety waiting for dangers from invisible monster, which in its turn is surrounded by fears, superstitions and chains of vain speculations. From this musical lace is woven the intriguing sound of the musical mystery.
The intriguing mystery of the sound of the introduction of the At Burying Point composition fascinates with the vagueness of anticipation and the development of the further musical pattern.
Introducing the final part of the album, the Quite Dead, This Afternoon (Intermission) minstrel ballad combines in its sounding the soft ringing of bardic guitar strings and keyboard echoes of background passages, and it is the introduction to The Sin Projector Pt. I composition, which starts the final dylogy of the album with the embodiment of tunes of mysterious rituals and magic spells of unseen mystic essences. Then the music rolls up a cocoon enveloping the sound of The Flypaper Spectacular track, enveloping the fascinating procession of the leitmotif with sparkling covers of mysterious melodies, anticipating the mystical mystery of The Sin Projector Pt. II composition, which ends the album with the twilight of the enchanting symphony of runic mysteries, magic incantations and prophecies of the coming changes in the human existence.