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A creepy story of a hopeless passage

November 18, 2021
Black Rage - Silent Scream

The Black Rage self-titled track explodes with the combined frenzy of music and vocals, but then expands the stylistic framework with a combination of screaming and growling in the vocal part of the chorus. The title track continues the Black Rage - Silent Scream album, riding the waves of rebellious drive, but complementing the sound with the charm of the melodic guitar solos of the instrumental bridges. Developing the motives of the previous compositions, the Sinner song rolls with dusky waves of unrestrained drive, exasperating the screaming and somewhat softening the growling of the vocals.
The music of the Awakening instrumental track captivates with its wistfulness, serving as an instrumental introduction to the next chapter of the album, combining musical artistry with vocal fury in the sound of the Tonite We Dine In Hell composition. Power, fury and drive combined with echoes of epic medieval sagas and battle marches intertwine in the sound of the Six Feet Under violent musical thriller.
Bright, inspiring and appropriately vocal transformations support the sound of the Killing The World song with musical changes. The Dead Man Walking composition accompanies the vocal changes, complementing them with corresponding musical transformations. The fury, impetuosity and drive of the musical sound brightly and comprehensively complement the vocal variations, creating the Ice World joint musical image. The Outro matches the title, ending the album with an enchanting guitar solo.